Katharine Donovan Kane

Katharine Donovan Kane

Inner Wisdom Wayfinding and Dreamwork connecting the highly sensitive and spiritual person to their inner wisdom.

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Dream Work

Gentle Pathway Package - $295
Three, 50-minute sessions package - Inner Wisdom Wayfinding & Dreamwork
Dream Circle Series - $240
In a Dream Circle we strive to understand the dream’s unique language and how this might inform our life.
FREE Group Dream Inquiry Session
In this a free introductory dreamwork class participants are guided through a three-part process to learn an appreciation of how dreams communicate. Dreams are insights emerging from our inner wisdom. They speak in a different language such as symbols, metaphors, archetypes, shapes, colors, sounds, and feelings. Come and see how dream exploration works in this participatory group experience. You’re encouraged to bring a dream to share. One dream will be chosen from the group for this practice session.
How to Form a Dream Circle - $125
Join us for this special class to learn how to explore dreams in a dream circle.
Ongoing Journey Package - $840
Six, 50-minute sessions package - Inner Wisdom Wayfinding & Dreamwork

Inner Wisdom Wayfinding

Gentle Pathway Package - $295
Three session package - Inner Wisdom Wayfinding & Dreamwork
Ongoing Journey Package - $840
Six session package - Inner Wisdom Wayfinding & Dreamwork
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Complimentary Discovery Call

Complimentary Discovery Call
Let's talk about you – your challenges, your hopes, and your dreams. In our initial free 20-minute call we'll talk briefly about your goals, my coaching style and next steps.

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